Estate Planning

Manage Your Wealth with Estate Planning

You?ve worked hard to build your wealth and secure your financial future, but what happens to your hard-earned money when you die? Facing your own immortality can be hard, but no matter how much you want to deny it, you need to prepare for your death. Managing your wealth while you?re alive is important, but you also need a set plan for your assets after you?re gone. Estate planning is a huge part of that. You need a qualified Legal Associate to help set your estate planning in New York in motion.

A well planned estate puts you in control of what happens to your money and property when you die.

It also ensures that you and your family are well cared for. What would happen to you if you were to become very ill and unable to make medical and financial decisions? What would happen to your loved ones if you died? These are tough questions that must be carefully dealt with.

After your death, your loved ones will have some tough and critical decisions to make, from handling funeral arrangements, to managing your financial matters, and dividing your assets. This process can be incredibly unsettling to those you leave behind, and unfair to those least able to fend for themselves. All these issues and more can be resolved in advance through estate planning. Estate planning can be complex. If you?re looking for a reputable estate planning Legal Associate who can help with your estate planning in New York, we can help.

We?ve Got You Covered

At Woodberry Wealth Preservation & Corporate Consulting Inc, we provide a full range of estate planning services. We will help you attain the peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will be cared for, and your wishes honored. Our estate planning process includes:

  • Take Inventory of your assets.
  • Draft your will.
  • Evaluate your beneficiary designations.
  • Name your financial and medical Power of Attorney.
  • Review your life insurance policies.

One of the most important reasons for accumulating wealth is being able to pass it on to your children and your grandchildren. Transferring wealth to the next generation requires that you engage in solid tax and estate planning. For easy estate planning in New York, consider our qualified Legal Associates at Woodberry Wealth Preservation & Corporate Consulting Inc. Contact us today to learn more.