Wealth Building: Stocks

Wealth Building with Stocks

At Woodberry Wealth Management & Associates, our wealth building services rival the biggest investment firms in New York. We provide a comprehensive approach to wealth building by helping our clients build a diversified portfolio packed with sound investments. If you’ve considered tapping into the stock market, but are unsure of how to begin, our team of qualified stock brokers in New York can help.

Let’s Talk Stocks

Investing in stocks can be a great way to substantially build wealth. There are two types of corporate shares (stocks): common and preferred.

Common Stock:

When all shares have the same rights in the corporation, they are known as common shares. The majority of stock is issued in this form. Common stock offers (3) main advantages:

  • Because of its variable-income nature, you can participate in the economic growth of the company and the nation. Should the company experience extraordinary expansion, then, as a shareholder, you will generally participate in an increase in common dividends.
  • Common stock offers you the best possibility of capital growth.
  • Common stock is considered by many experts as a good long-term hedge against inflation.
Preferred Stock:

From an investment point of view, preferred Stock is similar to bonds. The return on the investment is fixed and usually limited. However, unlike most bonds, preferred shares have no maturity, and the preferred shareholder is an owner, not a creditor. Preferred Stock has some benefits to consider including:

  • As a preferred shareholder, you will have priority over the common shareholder for dividends, and for distribution of assets on liquidation.
  • Ordinarily, your return on preferred stock is definite, but it is limited to the amount declared when the stock is issued.

Why Us?

The ups and downs of the stock market can seem complex, but with help from the right stock brokers in New York, wealth building is assured. We offer unbiased investment counseling, while staying on top of current stock market trends. Clients trust Woodberry Wealth Management & Associates’ personalized approach and expertise. You could go to large investment firms in New York, but you won’t get the same comprehensive approach to wealth building that you’ll find with us.
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