Resolve Disputes Quickly with New York Mediation Services

At Woodberry Wealth Preservation & Corporate Consulting Inc, we do more than help clients build wealth; we help them protect it too. Sometimes, unfortunate events lead to legal disputes that can threaten your reputation, job, and financial security. When this happens, you need trusted legal counsel who will stand up for you, and keep your case out of court.

We offer reliable legal advocacy services (mediation) at EEOC, and Administrative hearings in the areas of:

  • Unlawful job termination
  • Scrutiny due to religious and national origin
  • Mortgage loan disputes

We strive to reach amicable solutions through confidential negotiations. Our goal at federal hearings is to win and prevent the case from going to court, where your life assets are exposed, and the integrity of your family destroyed. We want you to retain your credibility, wealth, and prosperity.
We are the fiercest advocates for our clients. We go after the credit bureaus, collection agencies and courts. We have and will continue to protect the (5) Cs of Credit.

  • Capacity
  • Character
  • Capital
  • Collateral
  • Conditions

This is what the courts attack and we are always there.

For legal associates trained in the art of effective mediation, contact us today, and protect your livelihood.